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Cache Memory

David May, Henk Muller, Cache Memory. Patent. WO045269. August 2000. No electronic version available. External information


A cache memory (35) has a logical organisation in which its memory space is divided into sub-sections or partitions (P). This permits different data objects to be allocated to different partitions during the operation of the cache memory (35). Commands used by the cache memory (10) may contain an extra parameter which is used to identify the appropriate partition within the cache memory (35). The parameter is extracted from the command by a decoder (37) and is passed to a specific line of an equator set (38) which contains identifiers which determine the partition to be used. To minimise data collisions for a given partition size, a stride may be defined which expresses the separation of addresses and from which a mapping function can be selected which covers all addresses in the cache memory (35) in an efficient way.

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