Hybrid Scheduling for Parallel Rendering using Coherent Ray Tasks

Erik Reinhard, Alan Chalmers, Frederik W Jansen, Hybrid Scheduling for Parallel Rendering using Coherent Ray Tasks. 1999 IEEE Parallel Visualization and Graphics Symposium. ISBN 1-58113-237-9, pp. 21–28. October 1999. PDF, 488 Kbytes.


Parallelising ray tracing with a data parallel approach allows rendering of arbitrarily large models, but the inherent load imbalances may lead to severe inefficiencies. To compensate for the uneven load distribution, demand-driven tasks may be split off and scheduled to processors that are less busy. We propose a hybrid scheduling algorithm which brings tasks and data together according to coherence between rays. The amount of demand-driven versus data-parallel tasks is a function of the coherence between rays and the amount of imbalance in the basic data-parallel load. Processing power, communication and memory are three resources which should be evenly used. Our current implementation is assessed against these requirements, showing good scalability and very little communication at the cost of a slightly larger memory overhead.

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