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Generating Service Level Agreements from User Requirements

Neil Davies, Judy Holyer, Adam Stephens, Peter Thompson, Generating Service Level Agreements from User Requirements. CSTR-99-004, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. March 1999. No electronic version available.


This extended abstract has been accepted for the Third IFIP Workshop on Traffic Management and Design of ATM Networks, 26-26 April 1999. The paper describes applications of modelling techniques that assist in allocating network resources sensibly in order to meet end-user Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. These techniques can provide a statistical guarantee of the network's ability to deliver an agreed service quality and allows the level of confidence to be adjusted through the reallocation of resources. These calculations rely entirely on a node's local knowledge of the connection's requested QoS, the route of the connection across the network and the local network infrastructure characteristics.

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