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A cache system

David May, Glenn Farrell, Andrew Sturges, Bruno Fel, Catherine Barneby, A cache system. Patent. EP856798. August 1998. No electronic version available. External information


A cache system and method of operating are described in which a cache is connected between a processor and a main memory of a computer. The cache system includes a cache memory having a set of partitions. Each cache partition has a plurality of addressable storage locations for holding items fetched from said main memory for use by the processor. The cache system also includes a cache refill mechanism arranged to fetch an item from the main memory and to load said item into the cache memory at one of said addressable storage locations in a cache partition which depends on the address of said item in the main memory. This is achieved by a cache partition access table holding in association with addresses of items to be cached respective multi-bit partition indications identifying one or more cache partition into which the item is to be loaded.

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