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Enhanced Formal Modeling for Process Management

I Dattani, J H R May, L Lafave, Enhanced Formal Modeling for Process Management. Proceedings of The 3rd Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theories, Applications and Practices. ISBN 0-9654599-3-4, pp. 47–55. December 1998. No electronic version available.


This project outlines how Risk modeling techniques can enhance existing conformance models used in software process improvement. This is timely against a background of ever increasing operational and economic constraints, the need to maximise effectiveness, maintain quality, reliability and safety in high integrity systems, whilst also reducing costs. The incorporation of Risk modeling within such a framework allows us to identify and focus on key areas of software development. This allows for more appropriate capital gearing and also hopefully mitigates the level of risk for areas of apparent importance. Given such constraints and operational requirements this provides an interesting area for research and methods under the general umbrella of decision theoretic approaches seem to be a good candidate technology for further investigation

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