Distribution in a Demand Driven Style

I Holyer, N Davies, E Spiliopoulou, Distribution in a Demand Driven Style. The First International Workshop on Component-based software development in Computational Logic; COCL, pp. 29–41. September 1998. PDF, 168 Kbytes.


In this paper we present a model of distribution as a natural consequence of deterministic concurrency; a purely declarative form of concurrency that preserves referential transparency. This extends the demand driven model used as the operational basis of functional languages, into one with multiple independent demands without the need to allow non-determinism to appear at the user level. The abstract model of this distributed system uses a uniform access memory model in order to provide a global memory view. This, combined with explicit thread based concurrency and explicit representation of demand enables the trustable distribution of reactive systems across different systems. Since referential transparency is preserved, any pattern of distribution has no effect on the semantics of the functional program. Computation, including both code and data, can be moved in response to demand. This suggests itself as a natural approach to facilitate mobile computation both as a conceptual and operational model.

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