The Brisk Machine: A Simplified STG Machine

I Holyer, E Spiliopoulou, The Brisk Machine: A Simplified STG Machine. Implementation of Functional Languages, 9th International Workshop, IFL'97, St. Andrews, Scotland, UK, September 1997, Selected Papers, LNCS 1467. ISBN 3-540-64849-6, pp. 20–38. August 1998. PDF, 208 Kbytes.


This work presents the Brisk Machine, a machine model for the implementation of functional languages. It is especially designed to be flexible and dynamic, so that it can support a uniform and efficient implementation of multiple paradigms such as computational mobility, dynamic loading and linking, and logic programming. The Brisk Machine is based on the STG Machine, though its model is simplified and adapted so that the various paradigms it supports can be accommodated easily without interference between them.

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