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Image Registration Using Multiresolution Frequency Domain Correlation

Stefan Kruger, Andrew Calway, Image Registration Using Multiresolution Frequency Domain Correlation. British Machine Vision Conference. ISBN 1-901725-04-9, pp. 316–325. September 1998. PDF, 286 Kbytes.


This paper describes a correlation based image registration method which is able to register images related by a single global affine transformation or by a transformation field which is approximately piecewise affine. The method has two key elements: an affine estimator, which derives estimates of the six affine parameters relating two image regions by aligning their Fourier spectra prior to correlating; and a multiresolution search process, which determines the global transformation field in terms of a set of local affine estimates at appropriate spatial resolutions. The method is computationally efficient and performs well for a range of different images and transformations.

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