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A Simple Protocol to Communicate Channels over Channels

Henk L. Muller, David May, A Simple Protocol to Communicate Channels over Channels. EURO-PAR '98 Parallel Processing, LNCS 1470. ISBN 3-540-64952-2, pp. 591–600. September 1998. PDF, 68 Kbytes.


In this paper we present the communication protocol that we use to implement first class channels. Ordinary channels allow data communication (like CSP/Occam); first class channels allow communicating channel ends over a channel. This enables processes to exchange communication capabilities, making the communication graph highly flexible. In this paper we present a simple protocol to communicate channels over channels, and we show that we can implement this protocol cheaply and safely. The implementation is going to be embedded in, amongst others, ultra mobile computer systems. We envisage that the protocol is so simple that it can be implemented at hardware level.

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