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Recent developments in 3D reconstruction from 2D-ACAR

S. B. Dugdale, H. M. Fretwell, D. C. R. Hedley, M. A. Alam, R. N. West, Recent developments in 3D reconstruction from 2D-ACAR. Material Science Forum , 255-257 (?). ISBN ISSN 0255-5476, pp. 448–450. October 1997. No electronic version available.


The difficulties associated with reconstructing the fully 3D momentum density and Fermi surface (FS) from a relatively small number of 2D-ACAR projections are well known. In this paper we describe the combined application of Maximum Entropy deconvolution and Cormack's method to such a problem, When used together, significantly enhanced reconstructions result, containing sharper FS-related structures, This is illustrated with the aid of the reconstruction of the FS of the transition metal yttrium (Y). In particular a special part of this FS, known as 'webbing' and thought also to be part of the FS of the heavier rare earths (and responsible for their exotic magnetic ordering) is directly observed for the first time.

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