Dynamic Geometry on-Screen

B. R. Stonebridge, Dynamic Geometry on-Screen. The Mathematical Education of Engineers II. ISBN 0-905091-05-1, pp. 183–188. April 1997. No electronic version available.


Geometry is poised to re-emerge in stregth very soon, partly because computer graphics demands geometric knowledge and partly because the computer enables the rapid and efficient manipulation of geometric figures and so facilitates a learning process. It seems certain, moreover, that the current spate of geometry programs will cause a revolution in teaching and learning in geometry, will accelerate processes of research, and, despite the age of the field*, will lead to new results. We will give some typical examples of the use of a package to show possible uses. [*Euclid, who provided the basis for the axiomatic method and structure of "proof", lived at around 300 B.C.

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