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Multilevel probabilistic relaxation

M. Petrou, M. Mirmehdi, M. Coors, Multilevel probabilistic relaxation. Proceedings of the Eighth British Machine Vision Conference 97. ISSN 0952189879, pp. 60–69. September 1997. PDF, 175 Kbytes.


We present a multi-level probabilistic relaxation scheme appropriate for image segmentation on the basis of features computed at various resolution levels. At--Moeach level, we incorporate contextual information computed from the features in the coarser scale representation of the scene, as well as information from the features computed in the finer scale representation, until --Moa full segmentation is achieved at the highest level of resolution. The features --Moused can be textural, colour, or the results of any other type of measurements performed on the image. We demonstrate our approach by the segmentation of colour textures.

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