Towards Optimal Zoom for Automatic target Recognition

M. Mirmehdi, P.L. Palmer, J. Kittler, Towards Optimal Zoom for Automatic target Recognition. Proceedings of the Tenth Scandinavian Conference in Image Analysis, Volume I. ISBN 951-764-145-1, pp. 447–453. June 1997. PDF, 295 Kbytes.


A critical issue in Automatic Target Recognition is the detection and identification of low contrast targets in Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) images at sufficiently long ranges. In this paper, we describe a technique basedon determining the best magnification to zoom in onto a target object while it is still at a long range. We model the zoom process based on the expected signal from the object and the background, and show that the variance in a region of interest can be used in a feedback control loop to determine the optimal zoom. The method is highly suitable for real-time implementation and is demonstrated through a series of experiments.

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