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An Integrated System for Quality Inspection of Tiles

C. Boukouvalas, G. Vernazza, F. De Natale, G. De Toni, J. Kittler, R. Marik, M. Mirmehdi, M. Petrou, P. Le Roy, R. Salgari, An Integrated System for Quality Inspection of Tiles. Int. Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision, QCAV 97. ISBN 2-85428-450-X, pp. 49–54. May 1997. PDF, 170 Kbytes.


The ceramic tiles manufacturing process has now been completely automated with the exception of the final stage of production concerned with visual inspection. In this paper we describe an integrated system developed for the detection of defects on colour ceramic tilesand for the colour grading of defect-free tiles. The results suggest that the performance is adequate to provide a basis for a viable commercial visual inspection system.

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