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Automatic Selection of Gabor Filters for Pixel Classification

N. W. Campbell, B. T. Thomas, Automatic Selection of Gabor Filters for Pixel Classification. Sixth International Conference on Image Processing and its Applications. ISBN 0 85296 692 X, pp. 761–765. July 1997. PDF, 201 Kbytes.


This paper describes a technique for filter selection. An off-line genetic algorithm search ensures that, for practical applications involving texture processing, only a small number of filters need to be convolved with the image rather than an entire filter bank, hence reducing computation time. The reduced number of filters also decreases the complexity of the task required of the classifier. Many segmentation, classification and analysis techniques involving Gabor filters will benefit from this approach. The method of tuning a filter set by off-line training is easily extendible to most approaches for texture analysis. Results are demonstrated on synthetic and outdoor scene images.

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