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Functional C

Pieter Hartel, Henk Muller, Functional C. Addison Wesley Longman. ISBN 0-201-41950-5. April 1997. No electronic version available. External information


The Computer Science Departments of many universities teach a functional language as the first programming language. Using a functional language with its high level of abstraction helps to emphasize the principles of programming. Functional programming is only one of the paradigms with which a student should be acquainted. Imperative, Concurrent, Object-Oriented, and Logic programming are also important. Depending on the problem to be solved, one of the paradigms will be chosen as the most natural paradigm for that problem. This book is the course material to teach a second paradigm: imperative programming, using C as the programming language. The book has been written so that it builds on the knowledge that the students have acquired during their first course on functional programming, using SML. The prerequisite of this book is that the principles of programming are already understood; this book does not specifically aim to teach `problem solving' or `programming'. The full preface can be found on henkm/f2c/

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