A Parallelisation of Ray Tracing with Diffuse Interreflection

Erik Reinhard, A Parallelisation of Ray Tracing with Diffuse Interreflection. Proceedings ASCI'96. ISBN 90-803086-1-7, pp. 367–372. June 1996. PDF, 35 Kbytes.


Ray tracing is a powerful technique to generate realistic images of 3D scenes. However, the rendering of complex scenes under advanced lighting circumstances may easily exceed the pro-cessing and memory capabilities of a single workstation. Distributed processing offers a solution if the algorithm can be parallelised in an efficient way. In this paper a hybrid scheduling approach is presented that combines demand driven and data parallel techniques. Which tasks to process demand driven and which data driven, is decided by the data intensity of the task and the amount of data locality (coherence) that will be present in the task. By combining demand driven and data parallel tasks, a good load balance is achieved, while at the same time spreading the commu-nication evenly across the network. This leads to a scalable and efficient parallel implementation of the ray tracing algorithm with fairly no restriction on the size of the model data base to be rendered.

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