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Multi-pass Feedback Control for Object Recognition

M. Mirmehdi, P.L. Palmer, J. Kittler, H. Dabis, Multi-pass Feedback Control for Object Recognition. Proceedings of Vision Interface 96. ISBN 0-9680833-0-7, pp. 49–56. May 1996. PDF, 283 Kbytes.


In order to locate interesting areas of an image we describe a system for focus of attention; this is based on feedback strategies combining low-level features, and a high-level object model to recognise the object and to direct the search for missing information. We aim to improve on established single-pass hypothesis generation and verification approaches by applying our complex feedback strategies to recognise generic classes of objects. By using a complex feedback strategy we produce optimal sets of low level features and reduce the number of hypotheses generated. The system can extract simple and complex objects in a scale and rotation independent manner where the objects may be partially occluded. The method is illustrated for simple cubic objects and the results are expected to be applied for a mobile robot application.

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