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A Parallel Radiosity System for Large Data Sets

David Stuttard, Adam Worrall, Derek Paddon, Claire Willis, A Parallel Radiosity System for Large Data Sets. Proceedings of the Winter School of Computer Graphics and CAD Systems '95. ISBN 80 7087-187-6, pp. 421–430. February 1995. PDF, 30 Kbytes.


The radiosity method gives realistic results for synthesising images based on diffuse light interaction; however, the method is also very computationally expensive. Here we present a system for parallelising a progressive refinement radiosity method using a ray casting approach. The system decomposes the environment into two distinct entities, the model geometry and the radiosity sample points. These are then distributed amongst the processors and message passing communication protocols and caching methods are introduced to enable the system to cope with very large models while maintaining a high processing rate.

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