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Fault prediction for software

J. May, P. Hall, H. Zhu, T. Cockram, N. Bird, L. Winsborrow, Fault prediction for software. Chapter in Mathematics of Dependable Systems. C. Mitchell, V. Stavridou, (eds.). ISBN 0 19 853491 4, pp. 165–181. October 1995. No electronic version available.


Most activities during the software development process have the potential to cause faults in the final software code. A fault caused somewhere in the development process will be manifested in products produced after its introduction e.g. a high level design document or a code component. A probabilistic model of fault introduction is presented, with the aim of estimating the integrity of the work carried out up to a particular point in a given development process. In particular, estimates of the integrity of products early in the development lifecycle are sought.

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