Automatic Transformation of Deterministic Prolog Programs to KL1

Konstantinos Varsamos, Automatic Transformation of Deterministic Prolog Programs to KL1. International Symposium on Fifth Generation Computer Systems 1994(FGCS'94): Workshop on Parallel Logic Programming, pp. 142–157. December 1994. PDF, 220 Kbytes.


Concurrent logic programming languages such as KL1, using shared variables as communication channels, set up networks of communicating processes. In this way they impose directionality on the programs that they execute, assuming that specific arguments of predicates are input and the rest are output. So, to set up such networks, the Input/Output modes of the arguments of each predicate have to be already known (which process connected to a channel is its producer and which are consumers). This paper describes a system for transforming deterministic Prolog programs to KL1, based on an effective method for mode inference.

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