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A Generalizing Adaptive Discriminant Network

Tony Martinez, Cory Barker, Christophe Giraud-Carrier, A Generalizing Adaptive Discriminant Network. Proceedings of the First World Congress on Neural Networks (WCNN'93), Vol. 1, pp. 613–616. September 1993. PDF, 15 Kbytes.


This paper overviews the AA1 (Adaptive Algorithm 1) model of ASOCS the (Adaptive Self-Organizing Concurrent Systems) approach. It also presents promising empirical generalization results of AA1 with actual data. AA1 is a topologically dynamic network which grows to fit the problem being learned. AA1 generalizes in a self-organizing fashion to a network which seeks to find features which discriminate between concepts. Convergence to a training set is both guaranteed and bounded linearly in time.

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