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Using Precepts to Augment Training Set Learning

Christophe Giraud-Carrier, Tony Martinez, Using Precepts to Augment Training Set Learning. Proceedings of the First New Zealand International Two-Stream Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Expert systems (ANNES'93). ISBN 0-8186-4260-2, pp. 46–51. November 1993. PDF, 41 Kbytes.


The goal of learning systems is to generalize. Generalization is commonly based on the set of critical features the system has available. Training set learners typically extract critical features from a random set of examples. While this approach is attractive, it suffers from the exponential growth of the number of features to be searched. We propose to extend it by endowing the system with some a priori knowledge, in the form of precepts. Advantages of the augmented system are speed-up, improved generalization, and greater parsimony. This paper presents a precept-driven learning algorithm. Its main features include: 1) distributed implementation, 2) bounded learning and execution times, and 3) ability to handle both correct and incorrect precepts. Results of simulations on real-world data demonstrate promise.

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