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Texture Analysis Using the Multiresolution Fourier Transform

Tao-I. Hsu, A. D. Calway, R. Wilson, Texture Analysis Using the Multiresolution Fourier Transform. Proc 8th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis. ISBN 82-992872-0-0, pp. 823–830. July 1993. PDF, 534 Kbytes.


A new frequency domain approach to the analysis of texture is described. The method works by identifying, for pairs of texture `patches' of a given size, the affine co-ordinate transformation which gives the best match between them. This allows the analysis to take account of the geometric warping which is typically found in images of natural textures. The scheme is implemented efficiently in the Fourier domain, and, by variation of scale using the Multiresolution Fourier Transform (MFT), it is possible to identify the smallest scale which gives acceptable results in the matching process. The technique has the potential to deal effectively with textures having varying amounts of structure and can be used both for segmentation and resynthesis of textures from a single prototype block.

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