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Label Inspection using the Hough Transform on Transputer Networks

M. Mirmehdi, G.A.W. West, G.R. Dowling, Label Inspection using the Hough Transform on Transputer Networks. Microprocessors and Microsystems, 15 (3). ISSN 0141-9331, pp. 167–173. April 1991. PDF, 304 Kbytes.


A variation on the Hough transform, the special normal/angle Hough transform,($R heta sHT$) is described detailing its characteristics and advantages and suitablity for a parallel implementation. The transputer is introduced and the application of the $R heta sHT$ on two popular types of transputer networks, a control-driven array and a demand-driven farm of transputers is described. The methods employed for communication and the breakdown of the algorithms are described for each type of the network. Timing results for the implementation on both networks are provided. The use of the $R heta sHT$ is then further examined with application to the problem of \it label inspection and two types of labels are used to demonstrate how to pass or fail labels under inspection.

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