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Computer Science Visitors

The phone numbers are Bristol numbers (prefix 0117 from the UK or +44 117 from abroad).

If you are calling internally (using just the extension) please be aware of the new 5 digit extensions, explained here

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but email addresses are not available to people outside the department. This is to help reduce the quantity of junk emails received by our members. Instead, please use the online mailing page provided by selecting the relevant 'contact' link below. Registered users can view full email listings by logging in.

Registered users can view a table containing the internal contacts for each visitor as well, by going here.

Name & Web Page     Phone  Room  Email    Position
Kiely, Prof Janice               contact  Visiting Fellow
Price, Dr Simon                  contact  Visiting Fellow

Number of visitors: 2

Your summary page has a further link to a personal page only if you have recorded one in the database. See how to make a home page and registering your home page.

MVB = Merchant Venturers Building
UG = University Gate