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The phone numbers are Bristol numbers (prefix 0117 from the UK or +44 117 from abroad).

If you are calling internally (using just the extension) please be aware of the new 5 digit extensions, explained here

We are sorry for any inconvenience, but email addresses are not available to people outside the department. This is to help reduce the quantity of junk emails received by our members. Instead, please use the online mailing page provided by selecting the relevant 'contact' link below. Registered users can view full email listings by logging in.

Name & Web Page             Phone      Room       Email    Position
Alexander, Dr Jason         95-45626   MVB-2.09   contact  Research Assistant
Allman, . Sally                                   contact  Administrative Assistant
Araiza Illan, Dr Dejanira                         contact  Research Assistant
Azh, Ms Maryam                                    contact  PhD and Teaching Assistant
Baker, Mr Martin            95-45147   MVB-2.19   contact  Information Officer
Beckley, Miss Jane                                contact  Administrative Assistant
Bednall, Miss Emily                               contact  Administrative Assistant
Bennett, Dr Peter                      MVB 2.09   contact  Research Assistant
Bernhard, Mr David                                contact  Research Assistant and PhD
Berthaut, Dr Florent                              contact  Research Fellow
Bird, Miss Joanna                                 contact  Administrative Assistant
Boulton, Mr Michael                               contact  Research Assistant
Burghardt, Dr Tilo          95-45298   MVB-3.45   contact  Lecturer
Bursuc, Mr Sergiu                                 contact  Research Assistant
Calway, Dr Andrew           95-45149   MVB-3.27   contact  Head of Department
Campbell, Dr Neill          95-45151   MVB-3.51   contact  Reader
Cartlidge, Dr John                     UG-0.00    contact  Research Associate
Cassey, Mr Thomas           33 15046   UG-0.00    contact  Research Assistant and PhD
Cater, Dr Kirsten           95-45155   MVB 3.26   contact  Lecturer
Chang, Ms Eleanor                                 contact  MSc Student
Chapman, Miss Louise                              contact  Undergraduate Programmes Coordinator
Charlesworth, Mr Andrew     95-45633   MVB-3.12   contact  Reader
Cliff, Prof David           33-15105   MVB-3.30   contact  Professor
Clifford, Dr Raphael        33-15147   MVB-3.15   contact  Reader
Cooke, Mrs Helen                                  contact  Administrative Assistant
Coveney, Miss Rebekah                             contact  Administrative Assistant
Coyle, Dr David                                   contact  Lecturer
Cristianini, Prof Nello     95-45160   MVB-3.06   contact  Professor
Curran, Mr Daniel                                 contact  Research Assistant
Dalton, Mr Colin            95-45164   MVB-3.49   contact  Senior Lecturer
Damen, Dr Dima              95-45633   MVB 3.12   contact  Lecturer
Edakunni, Mr Narayanan                 MVB-2.09   contact  Research Assistant
Eder, Dr Kerstin            95-45146   MVB-3.25   contact  Reader
Exon-Bartlett, Mrs Donna                          contact  Administrative Assistant
Fang, Dr Hai                           MVB 1.15   contact  Research Assistant
Flach, Prof Peter           95-45162   MVB-3.31   contact  Professor
Flaounas, Mr Ilias                     UG-0.00    contact  Research Assistant
Fontaine, Dr Allyx                                contact  Research Assistant
Foster, Mr Daniel                                 contact  Computer Officer
Fraser, Dr Mike             95-45144   MVB-3.23   contact  Professor
Frederiksen, Mr Tore                              contact  PhD and Teaching Assistant
Gee, Mr Andrew                         MVB 1.15   contact  Research Assistant
Georgiou, Mr Kyriakos                             contact  Research Associate
Ghadafi, Dr Essam                      MVB 2.01   contact  Research Assistant
Gibson, Dr David            33-15099   MVB 1.15   contact  Research Fellow
Gough, Dr Julian            33-15221   MVB-3.16   contact  Reader
Grafton, Mr Richard                               contact  Computer Officer
Grech, Mr Neville                                 contact  Research Associate
Gregory, Dr Steve           95-45142   MVB-3.21   contact  Senior Lecturer
Gutierrez, Mr Daniel                              contact  PhD and Teaching Assistant
Hall, Mr Michael                                  contact  Teaching Assistant
Hallam, Mr Iain                                   contact  Computer Officer
Hannuna, Dr Sion            9515045    MVB 1.15   contact  Research Assistant
Hauert, Dr Sabine                                 contact  Lecturer
Hoche, Dr Susanne           95-45156   MVB-2.09   contact  Research Fellow
Hogan,  John                                      contact  Undergraduate
Hogan, Dr Patrick                      Level 0    contact  Research Assistant
Hogg, Miss Philippa                               contact  Administrative Assistant
Hollis, Dr Simon            33-15238   UG-2.09    contact  Lecturer
Holyer, Dr Ian              95-45148   MVB-3.51   contact  Head of Department
Houghton, Dr Conor                                contact  Reader
Jalsenius, Dr Markus        33-15236   MVB 3.42   contact  Research Assistant
Jones, Mr Michael                                 contact  Administrative Assistant
Keller, Dr Marcel                                 contact  Research Assistant
Kerrison, Mr Steven                               contact  PhD and Teaching Assistant
Knight, Miss Jenny                                contact  Administrative Assistant
Kovacs, Dr Tim              95-45145   MVB-3.24   contact  Senior Lecturer
Kwak, Dr Sanghoon                                 contact  Research Assistant
Lawrence, Miss Zoe                                contact  Administrative Assistant
Li, Dr Shancang                                   contact  Research Assistant
Liu, Mr Dawei                                     contact  Research Assistant
Loddington, Mrs Benita                            contact  Administrative Assistant
Long, Mr Benjamin                                 contact  Research Assistant
Lynch, Mr Eoin                                    contact  PhD and Teaching Assistant
Madera, Dr Martin           33-15304   MVB-2.08   contact  Research Associate
Magid, Dr Evgeni                                  contact  Research Associate
Malabarba, Mr Artur                               contact  Contact
Mammone, Ms Alessia                    MVB-2.09            Research Assistant and PhD
Marshall, Dr Mark           95-45626   MVB 2.09   contact  Research Assistant
Marston, Miss Zoe                                 contact  Administrative Assistant
Martinez Carranza, Mr Jose                        contact  Research Associate
Massey, Ms Chloe                                  contact  Administrative Assistant
Massung, Miss Elaine                              contact  Research Assistant
Mather, Mr Luke                        2.01       contact  Research Assistant and PhD
Mathew, Mr Jimson           95-45112   MVB 1.15   contact  Research Assistant
May, Prof David             95-45134   UG-2.10    contact  Professor
Mayol-Cuevas, Dr Walterio   95-45128   MVB-3.18   contact  Reader
McCarthy, Dr Michael        95-45640   MVB-3.53   contact  Research Assistant
McIntosh-Smith, Mr Simon    33-15324   UG-2.11    contact  Senior Lecturer
Mirmehdi, Prof Majid        95-45139   MVB-3.11   contact  Professor
Montanaro, Dr Ashley        33-15345   MVB 3.16   contact  Lecturer
Moss, Dr Andrew             9545625    MVB 2.01   contact  Research Associate
Naylor, Dr William                                contact  Computer Officer
Nee, Mrs Rachel                                   contact  Administrative Assistant
O, Mr Jonathan                                    contact  Research Assistant
Oikonomou, Dr Georgios                            contact  Research Associate
Orsini, Dr Emmanuela                              contact  Research Assistant
Oswald, Dr Elisabeth        95-45634   MVB-3.47   contact  Senior Lecturer
Page, Dr Dan                33-15146   MVB-3.10   contact  Lecturer
Pipe, Dr Anthony                       MVB-3.06   contact  Research Fellow
Pradhan, Prof Dhiraj        95-45637   UG-2.08    contact  Professor
Preist, Dr Chris            33-15043   MVB 3.28   contact  Reader
Raby, Miss Clare                                  contact  Teaching Assistant
Rahman, Mr Sid                                    contact  Computer Officer
Randell, Dr Cliff           95-45104   MVB-3.53   contact  Senior Research Fellow
Ray, Dr Oliver              95-45150   MVB-3.29   contact  Lecturer
Sach, Dr Benjamin                                 contact  Lecturer
Scerri, Mr Guillaume                              contact  Research Assistant
Schien, Mr Daniel                      Level 0    contact  Research Assistant
Scutt, Dr Tom                          MVB 4.02   contact  Lecturer
Seah, Miss Sue                                    contact  Research Assistant
Shabajee, Mr Paul                                 contact  Research Fellow
Shafik, Dr Rishad                      UG 0       contact  Research Assistant
Shalonova, Dr Ksenia        95-45251   MVB-2.08   contact  Research Fellow
Smart, Prof Nigel           95-45163   MVB-3.28   contact  Professor
Spelmezan, Dr Daniel                              contact  Research Assistant
Stam, Dr Martijn                                  contact  Lecturer
Subramanian, Dr Sriram      33-15235   MVB-3.33   contact  Professor
Suero Montero, Dr Calkin               MVB-2.08   contact  Research Assistant
Swart, Mrs Joan                                   contact  Administrative Assistant
Thomson, Ms Susan                                 contact  Research Assistant
Timofejeva, Miss Antonina                         contact  Administrative Assistant
Trojanek, Dr Piotr                                contact  Research Assistant
Tryfonas, Dr Theodore                             contact  Lecturer
Turchi, Dr Marco                       MVB-2.09   contact  Research Assistant
Twomey, Dr Niall                                  contact  Research Assistant
Vavoulis, Dr Dimitrios                 UG 0       contact  Research Associate
Warinschi, Dr Bogdan        33-15220   MVB 3.13   contact  Lecturer
Watson, Dr Gaven                                  contact  Research Assistant
Whitnall, Dr Carolyn                   MVB 2.11   contact  Research Assistant
Wojcik, Mr Marcin                                 contact  Research Assistant and PhD
Wu, Dr Nicolas                                    contact  Lecturer

Number of staff: 132

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MVB = Merchant Venturers Building
UG = University Gate