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July 22-23 1999
Royal Fort House, University of Bristol

UKPEW'99 Online Proceedings

This page contains a complete list of the papers which appeared in the proceedings of UKPEW'99. We still have a very few copies of the proceedings available. These can be purchased at £35.00 each (+P&P) by contacting Neil Davies. The full reference for this book is:

J.T.Bradley, N.J.Davies (Eds),
Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual UK Performance Engineering Workshop,
Tech. Rep. CSTR-99-007, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Bristol, ISBN 0 9524027 8 5, July 1999.

The papers appear in gzipped postscript format and are as presented to us by the authors. If no link is presented to a paper, it means that the committee orignally only received hard copy. If you have any further queries concerning the papers, it is suggested you contact the authors directly.

Fernando L Pelayo, Fernando Cuartero, Valentin Valero, Diego Cazorla,
PPNAL: Performance Evaluation in an Algebraic Model for Probabilistic and Non-deterministic Processes, pp 1-12

Yudi Purwantoro, Stuart Bennet,
Decomposition Technique and UltraSAN Software Tool for Performability Evaluation, pp 13-22

Rob Pooley,
Using UML to Derive Stochastic Process Algebra Models, pp 23-34

J May, N Shaban, G Hughes,
Formal Coupling of Software Components, pp 35-44

Peter King, Rob Pooley,
Using UML to Derive Stochastic Petri Net Models, pp 45-56

Omer F Rana, Antonia J Jones, Peter Harrison,
Automating Performance Analysis of Neural Algorithms, pp 57-68

Uli Harder, Peter Harrison,
A Queueing Network Model of Oracle Parallel Server, pp 69-80

Wlodek M Zuberek,
Approximate Performance Evaluation of Distributed Memory Multithreaded Architectures, pp 81-92

Vassilios D. Tsiantos, Demetres Kouvatsos,
Information Theoretic Decomposition of GE-Type Closed Queueing Networks with Finite Capacity and Multiple Servers, pp 93-104

Tomasz Babzynski, Zbigniew Huzar, Jan Magott,
Algebraic Semantics for Markovian Statecharts, pp 105-120

Jeremy Bradley, Neil Davies,
Measuring Improved Reliability in Stochastic Systems, pp 121-130

Nigel Thomas,
Extending Quasi-Separability, pp 131-142

Jane Hillston, Leila Kloul,
Investigating an On-Line Auction System Using PEPA, pp 143-154

Peter Reichl,
Kelly's Bound, RUAA and the Pricing of Multiclass Traffic in Loss Networks, pp 155-166

Katinka Wolter, Andrea Zisowski,
On Markov Reward Modelling with Second Order FSPNs, pp 167-178

Neil Davies,
Can Fairness be Made Transitive in Data Networks?, pp 179-188

Charalabos Skianis, Demetres Kouvatsos,
A Universal ME Solution for an M/G/1 Queue with Vacation Periods, pp 189-198

Helen D Karatza,
Gang Scheduling in a Distributed System with Processor Failures, pp 199-208

P R Mitton, D R W Holton,
Extensions to PEPA to Simplify the Creation of Component Libraries, pp 209-218

S Y Yousef, C M Strange,
The Development of a Multi-State MMPP Queuing Model for High-Speed ATM Networks, pp 219-224

Stephen Gilmore, Jane Hillston,
A Feature Construct for PEPA, pp 225-236

Chris Bewick, Rubem Pereira, Madjid Merabti,
Compressed Video Streams: Network Constrained Smoothing, pp 237-246

Ariel N Burton, Paul H J Kelly,
Reproducing Inter-process Synchronization for Performance Prediction using Lightweight System Call Tracing, pp 247-258

Waldemar Korczynski,
On a Presentation of Petri Nets and Their Morphisms, pp 259-272

Karim Djemame, Mourad Kara,
Proposals for a Coherent Approach to Cooperation between TCP and ATM Congestion Control Algorithms, pp 273-284

Rod Fretwell, George Dimakopoulos, Demetres Kouvatsos,
Ignoring Count Correlation in SRD Traffic: sGGeo Process vs Batch Bernoulli Process, pp 285-294

Frank Ball, Phyllis Callinan, Demetres Kouvatsos, Charalabos Skianis,
A Measurement Based Admission Control Mechanisms for Use with CBQ in Packet Switched Networks, pp 295-304

Putra Sumari, Madjid Merabti, Rubem Pereira,
Reducing RAM Requirements in Video-on-Demand Servers, pp 305-314

Y M Li, A H Jones,
The Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems Modeled by Petri Net, pp 315-324

Andre Scholz, Andreas Schmietendorf,
A Risk-driven Performance Engineering Process Approach and its Evaluation with a Performance Engineering Maturity Model, pp 325-332

Uli Harder, Tim MacLeod,
Predicting Buffer Hit Ratios with Neural Networks, pp 333-342

Heinz Westphal,
Performance Engineering and Control of Computer Systems and Networks, pp 343-354

John Napier, Gordon Hughes, John May,
Implementing Software On-Line Diagnostics in Safety Critical Systems, pp 355-366

George Bilchev, Ian Marshall, Chris Roadknight, Sverrir Olafsson,
Modelling and Performance Analysis of Cache Networks, pp 367-378

Catalina M Llado,
On the Overhead Introduced by the Utilisation of an ORB, pp 379-390

S Loucif, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, J D Ferguson,
A Comparative Study of Routing Algorithms in Cube Networks, pp 391-400

M Sulieman, C H Ooi, M Fleury,
Parallel Pipeline to ATM: Graphical Simulation Techniques, pp 401-412

Junwei Cao, Darren J Kerbyson, Efstathios Papaefstathiou, Graham R Nudd,
Modelling of ASCII High Performance Applications Using PACE, pp 413-424

Many thanks to all the people who came to the workshop and contributed to this proceedings; without you, this would not have been possible.

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