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Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop on

Computer Graphics Education

Support for Computer Graphics Educators

July 6-7 2002

Bristol University, UK

Workshop Schedule

The Workshop will start at 10am with a plenary session. 
Steve Cunningham will be the MoC explaining the mission, 
background and goals for the workshop. After a brief introductory
session (1 min) by each participant, we will lay out the discussion 
groups and present initial assignment of people to working 

    (a) curricular content & development
    (b) repository & refereeing & dissemination.



09h30 Registration

10am Welcome & Introduction 
     Mission, background and goals
11h30 Break
12h00 Group meetings
13h00 Working Lunch break
14h30 Group meetings
16h00 Cofee break
16h30 Plenary: Review work & preliminary findings


9h00 Group meetings
10h30 Cofee Break
11h00 Group meetings
12h30 Lunch break
14h Plenary - conclusions by group rapporteurs
14h45 discussion
15h15 Cofee break
15h30 Conclusions
      Short/medium term agenda
      Outcomes and issues emerging from workshop
16h30 Workshop ends