CAA UK 2001 - Abstract

EuroPreArt - Past Signs and Present Memories. European Prehistoric Art : inventory, contextualisation, preservation and accessibility.
Mila Sim�es de Abreu and Ludwig Jaffe
Unidade de Arqueologia. Dep. Geologia,
Universidade de Tr�s-os-Montes e Alto Douro,
Apartado n.202.
5001-911 Vila Real

The project aims to build a knowledge-base (including text, images and possible multimedia content) for European prehistoric art and thus hopes to foster an awareness among Europeans of the diversity and richness of their prehistoric art, which can be counted amongst the oldest surviving imaginative expressions of humanity. A network of European organisations and institutions are working as a team on the development. The initiative will exploit advances in information technology to enhance inventory processes, data storage and retrieval, subsequent accessibility, and further encourage interdisciplinary contributions and sharing. The partnership relies on the individual expertise of the members who have much experience in the fields of teaching and research--thus generating a European dimension. The focus will be on examples that illustrate the diversity of the representations--from rock-art to mobile art, from Palaeolithic to the Bronze age, from old records to the latest work in the field. Among issues that have to be tackled are a jointly agreed model or structure, data entry or access strategies, publication of a guide of good conduct, presentation of results to the wider public, construction of a web site, and gathering further contributions.

EuroPreArt is financed by the "Culture 2000" framework programme of the European Commission

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