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The Eleventh British Machine Vision Conference
University of Bristol
11-14 September 2000

   BMVC2000 was held at the University of Bristol. The conference managed to survive the fuel crisis with no delegates cancelling because of it! There were around 150 delegates from all over the UK as well as 18 other countries (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Japan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, USA and Canada). The UKIVA also held a one-day seminar on Colour which was attended by about 70 delegates.

There were 149 original papers submitted to the conference for double-blind refereeing. Each paper was reviewed by three referees. A total of 38 oral papers and 42 poster papers were accepted. In addition to the contributed papers at BMVC2000, there was a pre-conference tutorial presented by Prof. Andrew Blake (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK) on Probabilistic Inference and Learning in Computer Vision. There were also two Invited speakers: Prof. Eric Grimson, (MIT, USA) who spoke on Computer Vision Methods for Image Guided Surgery, and Prof. Luc Van Gool (KTH, Belgium) who presented a paper on Wide Baseline Stereo Matching based on Local, Affinely Invariant Regions.

The conference dinner was held at the Ashton Court Mansion just outside Bristol. At the dinner, as well as a number of conference prizes, the first BMVA Distinguished Fellow prize was awarded to Professor Mike Duff.

Here are some interesting bits and pieces about the conference:

The organisation of BMVC2000 enjoyed the invaluable (local) support of Ann Prowse, Debbie Short, Alison Bates, Colin Dalton, Nigel Jewell, Ali Osareh, Joey Clark, Mike Evans, Angus Clark, as well as external support of Tony Pridmore (BMVC99 Chair), Stephen Pollard (HP Labs) and the Executive Committee of the BMVA. We would like to thank all of them. We also would like to thank all the authors, delegates, and the invited guests who all contributed in their own way.

Hardcopy and CD versions of BMVC2000 proceedings are available, at a cost of �30.00 and �10.00 respectively. Hardcopy proceedings comprise 2 volumes at over 800 pages and the BMVC2000 CD also incorporates Electronic Proceedings of BMVC 96, 97, 98, and 99! Details of how to obtain these and other BMVC Proceedings are given on the BMVA web site (or just contact us directly). We also have a very limited number of the conference T-shirt at �12.50 which includes postage. Please contact us directly.

A selection of some of the best papers in BMVC2000 will be published sometime in 2001 as a Special Issue of the Journal of Image and Vision Computing.

BMVC2001 will be held at Manchester and we wish Tim Cootes and Chris Taylor every success.

Majid Mirmehdi and Barry Thomas


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