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The Department's 25th Anniversary : Bletchley Trip

Bletchley Trip

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations the Crypto Group organized a trip to Bletchley park on November 8th.

Pictures from the trip can be found below. Click on an image to bring up a higher resolution version.

General Pictures

The House and Grounds

Some of what we saw

Memorial to the Polish cryptographers

Statue of Alan Turing

Enigma Machines

A Type-X Machine

A Lorenz Cipher

Alan Turing's Office in Hut 8

The Turing-Welchman Bombe Rebuild

Bombe checking machine

The Tunny and Heath-Robinson Machines

The Colossus Rebuild

Original Component of a Colossus

A PDP-11

A Williams Tube

The ICL 2966. The operators are turning it on for the first time in 15 years.

Old second world war era posters.

Historic car collection.

Harrier jump-jet, circa 1982.

Other stuff (not categorized)